Herbal yoni wash


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A gentle formulation created, especially for the sacred Yoni. Maintains a healthy PH balance Without all the harsh chemicals.

Ingredients-Distilled water, organic herbal infusion, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, vegetable glycerin, organic coconut oil.

This feminine wash is all-natural and unscented for your lady parts. Its has been infused with a proprietary herbal formula that is beneficial to a healthy PH balanced vagina. This is for external use only.

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14 reviews for Herbal yoni wash

  1. MeShelle Hutchinson

    This Yoni wash is amazing. It lathers great it is perfect for the summer when you tend to be a little more sweaty. What I love most about this Yoni wash it does not throw off my PH balance. It always leaves me clean and refreshed.

  2. Traceyann

    The Yoni wash is a must have.its leaves me feeling clean and fresh all day,cant wait to repurchase,also a little goes along way,lots of lather.

  3. Starr Williams

    This wash is a staple in my home. It is so gentle I even use it on my toddler. I am super sensitive and have tried many other feminine products that have left me irritated. This is a winner!!

  4. Hassana Lee

    This was recommended by a friend and I’m so happy she did so. My V loves this stuff. Please don’t ever stop making this. This is thee best wash ever. Thank you for such a great product.

  5. Nicole C

    Love! Love! Love! The herbal yoni wash leaves you feeling oh so clean! It’s gentle so there’s no itching or irritation afterwards! Definitely a must-have for your lady bits

  6. Lola Marie

    Definitely one of the best organic intimate washes out there. Fragrance free, film free and doesn’t clog pores nor give you ingrowns.

  7. Tiah Ward

    This Yoni wash is amazing. It lathers great and it was awesome during the summer time. I was fresh all day ! I’m very sensitive so this wash was great for that all natural experience.

  8. Yasmin Doss

    I’ve been trying to find something that’s natural and wouldn’t irritate me and then I was introduced to the Yoni Wash. I love it. It’s all natural and it makes me feel so refreshed. It is so amazing.

  9. Gloria Martinez

    Always nervous to try new products on her. I am amazed at how gentle this wash is. It does not disappoint for sure.

  10. Carmen Bryant

    I was gifted this wash for the holidays. I love this feminine wash!! I am now a repeat customer.

  11. Latoya Hendricks

    All I’ma say is the store bought could never!!

  12. Saundra Nelson

    Omg I need a gallon of this ASAP. I will never use anything else.

  13. Anonymous 49 year old woman

    After my bout with cancer & a hysterectomy ; I noticed a chronic dryness down there. That , plus being in early stage menopause ( Peri menopause) the dryness was very uncomfortable. I’ve only used the Yoni Wash twice and there is an amazing difference in the overall moisture of my vagina.

  14. Anonymous 49 year old woman

    Feeling fresh and balanced!

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