Plant based
feminine wellness

Mind body and spiritual care are all Vital to the overall nurturing Of one self. 

about Me

I started this company when my then 14 year old began being bullied for the visible eczema outbreaks on her hands and chest. She suffered from eczema over the years but these breakouts were unlike any she’s had. As an avid DIYer and super creative mom I decided to find ways to formulate remedies for my child’s relief. It was then that the chocolate neem soap and whipped butter cream were born. 

Years later one of my daughters and I conquered some feminine health issues that many black women face and that resulted in hospitalization and high medical bills. This caused me to study further into feminine health and plant based wellness. I then began empowering myself and other women through self love, meditation, health conscious eating and natural skin and womb care. My products are made to nurture the natural feminine essence and empower the goddess within.